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Green Clean Boating at Newmarks’ in the Los Angeles Harbor

Green Boating

Green Cleaning Your Boat

An important part of boat maintenance is a clean boat. Green cleaning your boat is just as important. Soaps and harsh cleaners can have a negative impact on our marinas, harbors and oceans.  Did you know that most cleaners are toxic to marine life? If you’re using soaps and harsh cleaners on your boat, you’re […]

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green marina

Keep Boating Clean and Green

Protect our ocean and keep boating clean and green Did you know that California has one of the highest levels of recreational boating activity in the nation? It’s no wonder since we have approximately 1,100 miles of coast and hundreds of rivers and lakes for recreational boaters to enjoy. With over 3 million recreational boats […]

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Newmarks Marina San Pedro

Green Boating for the Fishes in the Sea!

Clean, green boating mean joy for you and me… Practicing clean, green boating is not only good for you, but it’s also good for the fish and the rest of the marine environment. We all enjoy the beauty of our lakes, rivers and oceans, right? That’s why it’s important to be a clean, green boater […]

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Ocean Trash

Things That Trash Our Ocean

Keeping trash out of our ocean. It’s quite a challenge to keep our ocean free of trash. Did you know that about 80% of trash in our ocean originates onshore? Trash in the ocean compromises not only the health of wildlife, but humans too. It also causes navigation hazards for boaters and shipping and transportation […]

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