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buoys and markers

Know Your Buoys and Markers

Know how to navigate your boat through the buoys and markers. As a boater, it’s a must to know what the different buoys and markers stand for. They are the “traffic signals” that guide boaters safely along the waterways. Buoys and markers have different shapes, colors, numbers and lights. They also identify dangerous or controlled […]

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USCG Boating Safety Mobil App

Boating Safety – There’s An App For That

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Mobile app is now available. During this year’s National Safe Boating Week* (May 16 – 22, 2015) the USCG released its first Boating Safety app. It’s designed to provide additional boating safety resources on your mobile devices. The Boating Safety App features include… The latest California safety regulations Request […]

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Newmarks Marina San Pedro

California Boating ABC’s

Do you know your ABC’s? Of boating that is….. Of course you know your ABC’s, you learned them along time ago. But what about the boating ABC’s? Before you head out on those California waterways, it’s a good idea for you and your boating passengers to be aware of the boating ABC’s. The California State […]

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El Nino

Boating and Visual Distress Signals

What are visual distress signals? A visual distress signal (VDS) is any device designed to show that your boat is in distress and help others locate you. Flares and distress signals aren’t really things a boater wants to think about. But not thinking about them ahead of time can be disaster. There are two types […]

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Boat slip rental near Long Beach

Are you at capacity?

Safe Boating Capacity that is… As a boat operator you should never take a boat out with too many people or too much gear on board. If you’re overloaded  it’s harder to control your boat and you’re at a higher risk to capsize. Boat capacity terms, loading and capacity, relate to… Weight of the people, […]

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