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Boating Safey – Fire Prevention

Fire…A boaters nightmare.

Boat in the waterOne of the worst things to a boater is fire. Fires are among the most dangerous, yet preventable, accidents. Most fires are caused by fueling, electrical or maintenance issues.

Here are a few tips that may help prevent those fires.

Fueling tips…

  • Have passengers leave the boat and wait on the dock.
  • Shut off all flames (galley stove, pilot lights, grills, etc.).
  • Close all windows, doors and openings to prevent fumes from entering the boat.
  • While fueling, keep the nozzle in contact with the tank to prevent sparks.
  • Do not overfill the tank, the fuel needs room to expand.
  • Never smoke while fueling!
  • After fueling, open all the windows, doors and openings and run the exhaust blower for at least four minutes.
  • Before starting the engine, perform a “sniff” test of the bilge and engine compartment. If you smell gas, continue to use the blower until all of the fumes are gone.

Boaters tip on fueling – one third to get out, one third to get back and one third for emergencies.

Electrical tips…

  • Frequently check your electrical system and wiring for corrosion and signs of wear, look for cracked, brittle, or discolored insulation.
  • Inspect any shore power connection lines before plugging them into your boat.
  • Be cautious when using heaters in enclosed spaces and don’t leave them unattended.

Maintenance tips…

  • Keep up with the maintenance on your boat.
  • Check the fuel system, especially the fuel lines. Check for wear, small cracks or discoloration.
  • If you have a metal tank, check for signs of corrosion. If plastic, check for swelling, bulging or discoloration.

Other tips…Fire Extinguisers

  • Double the number and size of the fire extinguishers required for your boat.
  • Make sure you know how to use them and inspect them monthly.
  • Stow all flammable materials in an area with good circulation, away from the engine compartment and any electrical connections.

Following these tips may not only help boaters prevent a fire, but also could help save lives. Newmarks’ wishes everyone safe boating.