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Southern California Marine Association

Newmarks Yacht Centre and Southern California Marine Association

Newmarks is a proud member of the Southern California Marine Association

About the SCMASCMA - Southern California Marine Association Logo

SCMA was formed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To devote its efforts and resources to the promotion of boating in Southern California, for the benefit of the industry, its’ members and the boating public.
  • To maintain active committees in the fields of Boat Shows, Legislation, Education, Boating Safety and Boating Promotion.
  • To work closely with local, regional and national marine organizations in an effort to increase the industry’s effectiveness.
  • To conduct all-marine Southern California Boat Shows of a size, scope and quality matching the stature and importance of the industry represented in its membership.
  • To dedicate any and all profits from the Boat Shows or any other money making endeavors to be used only in behalf of programs beneficial to the sport of boating and the industry connected therewith.
  • To maintain cordial and active relationships with all forms of news and advertising media.
  • To maintain a permanent office, open all months of the year, properly staffed to represent its membership and assist in any of its purposes.

SCMA is Dedicated to the promotion and development of the recreational boating industry.